Starbucks Cake Pops

IMG 2309 Starbucks Cake Pops

Starbucks is turning 40! As part of the new Starbucks Petites line, they are now offering cake pops, along with other mini cakes.  The tiny confections are advertised as 200 calories or less each, but seriously, who the heck is counting?   They offer each petite for $1.50, and a package deal if you order in sets of two ($2.50) or six ($7.50).
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Yesterday, I ordered and enjoyed all three available flavors of cake pops: (listed in ascending favorite order…) Tiramisu, Birthday Cake, and Rocky Road.  I go to Starbucks solely to drink coffee, and these desserts were a delightful surprise.

IMG 2307 300x300 Starbucks Cake PopsAs I bit into my first Starbucks cake pop, softly cracking through the colorful candy shell, I was met with a nice moist bite of  not-too-sweet cake.  Cake pops can sometimes have a mushy or loose texture, but as Goldilocks would say, these were “just right”.  I have a feeling Starbucks must make the pop with cake and syrup for the ball, rather than cake and icing as they claim.

The Tiramisu pop was my favorite, a true “pick me up”, laced with espresso and topped with a chocolate coffee bean. Unfortunately, there was no rum in it, but it was still the best of the three. >_^

Starbucks is running a promo from today, March 10 until March 12th from 2pm-5pm! You get a free cake pop or any other of their petites for FREE with the purchase of a drink. Sweet deal!
cakeb0t e1274467570443 Starbucks Cake PopsTo make your own cake pops, check out this Cakeb0t video!: How To Make Cake Pops (Maybe test them with flavored syrup too!)

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  1. Oh!
    I wish i have one!

  2. wish I knew about the promo, funny, I go to Starbucks everyday, and didnt get a free cake pop……???? But, as usual, Starbucks has inspired me, and now I am making my own cake pops.

  3. I love cake pops!

    I Just did not care for the cake pops at Starbucks… they were too wet :/ the birthday cake pop didn’t taste like b-day cake the rocky road did not have the marshmallow & nuts on the outside… not sure if it was just my local starbucks. Not going to bother getting them again… not for 2.75. :(

  4. Wow! Just watched your cake pop video. It is awesome! At lunch on Saturday you said that you may need to start being in the videos yourself. That may be true but this was entertaining and full of your personality without you even being in it! And darn do those pops ever look awesome. I bet they’re better than Starbucks’.

  5. Does anyone know how to make the Tiramisu, cake pops, or where I can find the recipe? I have been looking everywhere to find it. I am making them for a children’s charity.


  6. I had my first Starbucks Cake Pop back in April. It was at a Starbucks in Seveirville, Tennessee and I was on vacation with my family. I had the Birthday Cake pop. I thought it was birthday cake heaven on a stick. Yummy!

    Holly in Kentucky

  7. I’ve had cakepops from starbucks and they are gross, they taste like they are raw. ICK!!

  8. I use a cake pop maker and love it (baby cakes brand). They taste so much better than the sweet doughy frosting kind and no issues with them falling off the stick when dipping. I’ve made vanilla and chocolate so far for two birthdays at work. A big hit. Yummmmm. I used a recipe from that had coffee and balsamic vinegar for the chocolate. They literally tasted like gourmet ho hos. I recommend ditching the frosting cake version. The cake ones are way better. My kids say they won’t touch the frosting dough ones….ever again.

  9. hi,plez,tell me how to make chocolate in heart shape and will u be my friend my facebook account.princess sultiya

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