Taste-Makers: Our favorite Cake Pops

Kawaii Heart Cake Pops - wide

Kawaii Heart Tutorial

What a lovely day to present you with my first video since returning from writing my eBook, How To Make Cake Pops. (The eBook is only available to those who sign up for our newsletter!)  I’m pumped to make even more awesome videos to show you some cool decorating techniques! Tutorial: Heart Cake Pops Skills:… [read more]

Heart Shaped Cake Pop

Heart Cake Pops

Here’s a simple way to show some love: a cake pop with a cool glass of milk! Making these heart shaped cake pops is simple. Follow this tutorial on how to make cake pops, with a couple small differences: After mixing the cake with frosting, flatten out the mixture in a sheet pan to 5/8″… [read more]

NY Food Blogger Bake Sale

NYC Food Blogger Bake Sale – Share Our Strength

I’m joining a team of NYC food bloggers in the Great American Bake Sale! We are working to end childhood hunger in America. I will be donating some delicious (and CUTE) cake pops! The proceeds from the bake sale will benefit Share Our Strength, the national nonprofit organization working to end childhood hunger by 2015…

Cake Pops

How to Make Cake Pops!

I’ve been so sick lately! T_T Allergy season is a killer. How can a beautiful flower be so deadly?? However, this has forced me to take some time off and finish this How to Make Cake Pops Video! Update: Take a peek at our new eBook, How To Make Cake Pops by Cakeb0t! Learning How… [read more]

Speckled Egg Cake Pops

Speckled Egg Cake Pops

Super easy, and super cute speckled egg cake pops! Add a little speckle to to add flavor and beauty to any of your cakes with this easy technique!

Rainbow Cake Pops

How To Make Baked Cake Pops- RAINBOW EDITION

These are no ordinary cake pops… I love this latest Cakeb0t video!! The idea for this came about one day I was baking cake pops with my machine. You can probably guess which movie inspired me for this video. Research and styling for this video was so fun! Decorators, use this technique to make as… [read more]