Taste-Makers: Our favorite Cake Pops

blue and white swirl cake pops w rainbow inside

Stripe and Swirl Cake Pops Technique

I absolutely love decorating cake pops with this wet on wet decorating technique I call the stripe and swirl. Learning this skill is so rewarding, and so fun to do! This unique method is one of many techniques in our new ebook How To Make Cake Pops by Cakeb0t! Curious about we made the rainbow cake?… [read more]

Cake pop bubbles

Cakeb0t Tip: Toothpick!

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Instagram! Here’s a tip I recently shared: Ever have a pesky bubble after dipping a cake pop? Just pop it with with a toothpick while it’s still wet, and tap the stick on your finger until the hole seals itself up!  

Cake Pops

How to Make Cake Pops!

I’ve been so sick lately! T_T Allergy season is a killer. How can a beautiful flower be so deadly?? However, this has forced me to take some time off and finish this How to Make Cake Pops Video! Update: Take a peek at our new eBook, How To Make Cake Pops by Cakeb0t! Learning How… [read more]

Cakepops creme Taartjes van An

Buttercream Piping

Look at what we got in our email! Anneke of Taartjes van An in the Netherlands sent us a picture of these beautiful, wintery cake pops. She used a buttercream piping technique from our eBook, How To Make Cake Pops, and added her own special touches. “I wanted a more ‘snowy/ice’ effect. I also added some gold discodust.” Anneke, they are… [read more]

Shooting Star Cake Pops

Shooting Star Cake Pops & an announcement!

Ahh, I love stars. These will sail across the night sky…into your mouth! ^_^ These shooting stars (which also double as great magic wands) were made with a star cookie cutter. Their sparkling trails are long strands of glittered ribbon. These instructions are from How To Make Cake Pops, Cakeb0t’s new eBook. Hooray! :applause: The… [read more]


Packaged Cake Pops for the NYC Food Blogger Bake Sale

Last week’s NYC Food Blogger Bake Sale was a hit! Thanks to the hard work of organizers Ken (Hungry Rabbit) and Lillian (Sweets by Sillianah) and an awesome team of volunteers, we surpassed our $2000 goal and raised over $3500 and STILL counting for the Share Our Strength/No Kids Hungry Campaign. Here are the cake pops I made… [read more]