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  1. I am extremely excited about this book!! I’ve been waiting for what seems like forever!

  2. I’m really excited too! My copy is supposed to arrive tomorrow. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, it arrived and I love it. I met Angie too! At Food Blog Forum Atlanta…she was sooo nice and she signed my copy of Cake Pops!

  4. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for sharing. This was wonderful and helpful. I am doing a surprise birthday party for my mother in law but in a budget since I am the only one paying for the party, she deserves the world but can’t afford it so a small birthday party will do (since she has never had one) THANK YOU SO MUCH once again for your help.

  5. OMG its really something wanderfull .
    but I have quistion plz
    what is the kind of coating do they use? becous its thiker than the reqular white chocolate
    am I right?
    but its yummmmmy thank you for sharing it with us :)
    from Dubai

  6. I found ur site/blog on your youtube video. Great creativity. I had a question, I e only had a cake pop once before but wasn’t keen on the mooshie raw texture. I would like to try my own but how can I avoid this mooshie raw texture? Any suggestions? I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Tayba,
    I too, am from dubai..she’s using wilton candy melts..too bad..here in uae they don’t supply candy melts in wilton.So you like thicker coating??i like mine thin..makes me work less messy.living in middle eastern countries makes it hard to buy those stuffs.

  8. hi mmm,
    i am from dubai and I am dying to make this pops but having hard time to find the candy melts. what do you use instead? also do u know where I can find the edible pen?

  9. Loved your book. Have you any idea how Starbucks makes their tiramisu cake pop?

  10. They dont have candy melts in dubai, but i found a substitute in Geant. It’s white chocolate. The pack is one kilo and actually it is much better than candy melts. I forgot its name, i went today to get more but they were out of stock.
    and to color the chocolate u neec to buy ink based colors, i also didnt find those here i got them drom canada.

    I dont think u’ll find edible ink pens here..

  11. I’m trying to make cake pops but having trouble with the chocolate. It is completely melted and smooth but very thick. It does not coat the pop evenly and when I tap off the excess it does not come off easily and leaves clumps off chocolate on the pop. I tried adding a bit of oil but it did not help. What am I doing wrong? Your chocolate seems much thinner. I am using the white Candy Melts.

  12. you’re a velario and a nurse, u must be filipino :)
    i get your feed on fb, but can’t download ebooklet,
    i’m not too hi-tech.

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