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About Binky…

Hi, I’m Binky! You’re probably asking, “really?”
Well, my middle name is Bianca, and I’m Filipino, and many Filipinos have these lifelong nicknames, and… it’s a long story. It really is Binky.

I wear several hats: Cake decorator, blogger, musician, photo/video-grapher, and OR nurse! I earned a Pastry degree from ICE in New York City, and was very fortunate to extern with Kate Sullivan of Cake Power. (Catch us on the New York episode of TLC’s Fabulous Cakes.)

About Cakeb0t

Cakeb0t150 AboutI created Cakeb0t to share FREE cake decorating tips and techniques. My husband Anthony (“Mr. Cakeb0t”) and I mainly create videos because we like to learn by watching and listening. Anthony likes to blog about the technical side of cakes.

What kinds of cakes do I really like? It’s simple: I like pretty cakes. There are many wonderful cakes out there, and there are plenty of not-so-wonderful ones. So what makes the difference? It’s a mix of technique and your eye for design. I use this site to share techniques and artful tips from me and my favorite decorators.

My main job is creating FREE cake decorating tutorials. Check them out!

You can also find daily inspiration from the blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Want to share a recipe? Have an idea for a tutorial? Have a cake you’d like to share with the world? Have a cake project you need help on? Contact me: binky [at] cakeb0t [dot] com

Psssst. http://www.kristenveloria.com – This is my styling/photo blog if you want to know more about taking cake pics.