Launched in 2009, Cakeb0t is a weekly taste, cuteness, and dessert creativity destination curated by V. Vivian Ong and her team of editors, decorators and sweets stylists. We cover everything from decorating how-tos and delicious recipes to supercute dessert ideas, styling tips and tasty trends so you can add sweetness to your life, every day.

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About V. Vivian Ong
V.Vivian Ong is an NYC-based food writer and stylist dedicated to adding taste and super-cuteness to the world of desserts. A seasoned cake decorator by trade, V. Vivian earned her Pastry Degree at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and continued her training with New York’s top decorators and taste-makers, including Kate Sullivan and Patti Paige.

An accomplished illustrator, food photographer, and writer, V. Vivian’s colorful posts and award-winning YouTube video tutorials have been featured on several websites and dessert destinations. Inspired by vibrant and colorful “kawaii” trends, V. Vivian is dedicated to inspiring what you make for dessert and adding your sweetness to your table.