How to Make Cake Pops!

I’ve been so sick lately! T_T Allergy season is a killer. How can a beautiful flower be so deadly?? However, this has forced me to take some time off and finish this How to Make Cake Pops Video!

Update: Take a peek at our new eBook, How To Make Cake Pops by Cakeb0t!

Learning How to Make Cake Pops

I love Bakerella’s cake pops! She has so many fun pops, I decided to give it a try.  It was fun, but not as easy as I thought! It was so rewarding and yummy, though.  Check out Cakeb0t’s cake pop tips, along with a few more decorating ideas listed below the video.  Enjoy! <3Binky V

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Cake Pops Supplies

How to Make Cake PopsCakeb0t Cake Pop Tips:

Cake pops are simple, but not as easy as they look.  If you are just learning how to make cake pops, you might expect to find some cake balls falling off of the stick, and some uneven spots in your chocolate coating.  Here is a list of Cakeb0t tips I’ve computed to help you out!

  • All 2 cups of frosting may not be necessary, depending on the cake and flavor.  Just make sure you get a doughy consistency you can roll without being too sticky.
  • Let the dough rest for a good while before you start rolling to prevent sticking. (Really good for when you’ve used too much frosting.)
  • Grease up your hands with butter or shortening, or wear food handling gloves to roll the balls.
  • Make sure you dip the lollipop stick in enough chocolate and really get it stuck in the ball.
  • Once the sticks are in the balls, refrigerate or even freeze them until they are hard and cold.  This helps keep them from falling off once you dip in the warm chocolate!
  • Most candy melts can have a pretty high viscosity when melted.  Keep it pretty warm so the consistency is its runniest, and easy to work with. This is especially helpful when you’re first learning how to make cake pops.
  • Be quick, neat, and thorough when you dip in the chocolate.  Cover the entire cake ball.
  • Double dipping can cause the chocolate to be too heavy, and crack.
  • Spin and lightly tap off excess chocolate

More Cake Pop decorating ideas!

  • Bakerella loves using edible ink pens to draw on faces, etc.  Bakerella has TONS of cake pop decorating ideas.
  • Try sprinkling on or dipping into some sprinkles after dipping. Or stick on small candy.
  • When you stick them in the styrofoam, try making nice and neat rows, or try a rounder arrangement for a nice bouquet effect.

Recipes: Bakerella recommends using just 1 box cake and 1 container of frosting! EASY!
Here are some recipes if you want to try it from scratch: Simple Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Cake

The how to make cake pops video was shot using a Kodak Zi8.  I looove it! If you need a good portable HD video camera, help support Cakeb0t by clicking on the link to buy from our Amazon shop. ^_^

Now you know how to make cake pops! Keep practicing and let me know how it goes in the comments.


  1. says

    Ohhhh this is great!! the video is amazing it makes it looks easy and guides you all the way through the cooking of this little treats!… Perfect for a party! LOVED IT! I have never cooked this before but will start trying!

  2. says

    Thank you! Please remember it is tricky! You have to tap off a bit more excess sometimes than is show in the video! If you try it out, send me a pic!!

  3. Kelly says

    I have been working on these cakepops and have been having trouble with the chocolate cracking on some of them. I am using Wilton Melting Wafers and the Wilton Choc melter.
    Anyone experiencing this or have any tips?

  4. Serene says

    Hello..those are beautiful pops…thanks for the video especially the tip on how to get some of the excess chocolate off. I had a question about the candy melts..yours looks like a beautiful electric blue. Can you tell us where you got them from?

  5. says

    Cracking is so annoying, isn’t it? Your chocolate coating may be too heavy, causing it to crack while it dries. Make sure you are tapping and/or lightly scraping off your excess candy melt over your bowl as you turn your pop. I don’t use the Wilton Chocolate melter, but when using a microwave (heating the melts in 30 sec intervals), it is best that the chocolate is really warm, making the liquid chocolate as thin as possible, for a lighter coating. Hope this helps!

  6. says

    Great tips! I have to admit that cake pops freaked me out the first time I saw them. Just the thought of wadded up clumps of cake kinda made me gag. But I got over it quickly because OMG are they delicious!

  7. says

    Corrin, they ARE delicious. Between me, my husband, my brother, and a friend, we ate about 45 cake pops after making this video!! Devoured, rather! Heeeheee

  8. says

    Thank you, Adrienne! Our mailing listers can look forward to receiving full length Cakeb0t songs, with lyrics and vox! 😀 YAY!!

  9. Pink says

    Awesome video! I’ve found that using a little bit of shortening when warming the candy melts makes it more smooth to work with. Also, I’ve had experiences where the ball would break off while trying to cover them w the candy melts. Any good advice on how to avoid? And the icing is too sweet?anyone else find it too sweet? Any alternatives to icing ?


  10. says

    @ Pink, Thanks for the tip!!! The only way I know to get the ball to stay on the stick is to secure it with a chocolate dipped lollipop stick, and then let it set. It seems to work really well, as long as you dip quickly. I like icing sweet! But for more control, you can use a cream cheese frosting (if it compliments your cake), or just a homemade buttercream, which might be less sweet, since you control how sweet it is!

  11. says

    Hi Haily! I haven’t put up my chocolate cake recipe, but Bakerella says you can use just 1 box cake and 1 container of frosting! I will put up a recipe soon, or I’ll just email you if I don’t get to it right away!!

  12. Haily says

    Thanks Binky. I want to try and make these as a gift for the kid’s teachers and give them the WOW factor 😉

  13. says

    The video is awesome! It’s very thoughtful of you to have made this lovely video. Cake pops definitely doesn’t look much work! I probably won’t even get past the rolling! LOLx. But now I’m more motivated to even start learning how to bake. Please do more videos for noobs like me 😀 Cheers!

  14. Brandy says

    Great video – not sure how I ended up here but am so glad I did. My little bakers (3 & 5) want to try these this week – any suggestions on an alternative coating that might not have milk in it? My eldest has a severe milk allergy and all of the candy melts have whey or non-fat milk in them. I’m on a mission to make this something we can share with him, too!

  15. says

    Hi Brandy, I have lots of allergies! Milk isn’t one of them, but it’s so nice that you’re trying to find alternatives to for your kids! I looked up some vegan alternatives because they are all dairy free ^_^

    Start with a good dark chocolate that doesn’t contain any milk solids. There are a bunch available. Here’s a good article about vegan chocolate with a list of safe brands to use.

    Melt down the chocolate over a double boiler, and add some shortening to get the right consistency. Candy melts are basically just chocolate and shortening, so this should work well. (and doesn’t contain any milk)

    You can decorate the dark chocolate by painting on a lusterdust mixed with a few drops of vodka or lemon extract.

    If you want to try a color, here’s a recipe for vegan white chocolate!

    Try coloring it with food gel. This is also much sweeter, so if your kids don’t really like dark chocolate this might be better.

    Hope that helps!

  16. says

    hi,..those are beautiful cake pops…thank u for the video especially the frosting recipes. I had a question about the frosting..I’ve made the frosting from scratch and used the ready made vanilla frosting but the problem is my cake pop still falling off from the stick.. that’s really annoyed me. can u tell us would should i do to make my cake pop as beautiful as yours. So excited to see my own work as u

  17. mel says

    hi I’m new to your site but I love it. I love you video as well. I actually had planned on making some cake pops this evening and went out and bought all the stuff and i made the cake balls then dipped sticks in choc. then stuck them into the balls and froze them for little bit till hard and then started melting the wilton candy melts. Well I dont know if its just me or what but i think i melted about 5 or 6 different batches and none of them came out in the right consistency. It would look like the candy melts were a good consistency but them i would dip in my cake pop and the candy melts would be too thick and the ball would either break off and if it didnt break off the the chocolate wouldnt look smooth it was clumpy. Im so frustrated!!!!!!! What can i do. Should i try just melting reg white choclate like the one used for dipping strawberries and then just color the chocolate with candy coloring. I think the reg white choclate for strawberries will have a silkier, smoother consistency then what i have experienced with the candy melts (its not smooth, I mean it is smooth but once i dip the pop in it the pop gets stuck and then i try to swirl it around like you say and then the stick starts to move inside the pop and then the pop falls off or stick falls off. What to do what to do!! I have a party i am suppose to be making these for and i cant get it right. PLEASE!!!!! HELP ME Cakeb0t!!!! PLEASE!!!! Or anybody out there. i need help. what am i doing wrong. :(


  18. says

    Hi Dina! Yes, sometimes the cake pops fall off the stick. My pointers are to dip the lollipop stick in the candy melts before you stick it in the pop. Then let it rest and refrigerate for a while. Make sure your cake pops aren’t too heavy. They should be about the size of a quarter. ^_^ Dip quickly and thoroughly, and try not to swirl too much in the chocolate. You can also try to thin out your candy melts with shortening! Hope this helps! thanks for visiting Cakeb0t!!!

  19. says

    Hi mel! Sorry I couldn’t get to your question until now. Hopefully you found an answer that helped you in time for your party! It is very common for pops to fall off of the stick, don’t worry! Thinning the candy melts does help so that cake pop isn’t weighed down. I know shortening helps thin out the candy melts. (Shortening is a big ingredient in candy melts, already). Also, don’t forget to dip your stick in the frosting and then let the pop rest for a while. Check that your cake ball isn’t too heavy as well. Dipping chocolate is another valid choice, and you can still decorate it with luster dust like I did in the video! Thanks again for visiting Cakeb0t!!

  20. BKtip says

    Hi! I was just wondering if anyone has tried to use royal icing to secure the cake pops on the sticks? I have also had trouble as far as the balls falling off…and thought maybe royal icing would hold better?

  21. says

    Good idea! I’ve never tried it. They would definitely stay glued on with royal icing. It’s definitely an idea to use it in a pinch.

    For taste, and to save the extra step of making royal icing, I think the popular method of using candy melts should hold the ball well enough, after you get a good dip rhythm going.

  22. Violet says

    Hi Cakeb0t! Awesome video! Thank you for sharing, very easy tips. I am running into a little trouble though. After I dipped the sticks into the balls, i put them into the freezer because I couldn’t decorate them right away. But when I took them out of the freezer for room temperature, the cake ball is starting to fall down the stick. This is before i add the chocolate coating. Do you think once i add the chocolate coating, it will prevent the ball from falling down the stick? I am making these pops for my twins 3rd birthday.

  23. winzaa says

    My son has severe nut allergies and I have checked locally for candy melts that were safe for him. I do not have time to order nut free melts and was curious if I could dip them in melted frosting, as some cupcake recipes do to achieve a smooth finish. If not, is there some way to doctor regular chocolate chips to get them to the right dipping consistency? Thanks. Great video!

  24. says

    I’m so glad I came across this video and these tips. I’m planning on making cake pops for the first time over the next week, and hopefully these will make them a success. I’ll be posting the results to my blog once they’re all done. Thanks again for the tips!

  25. says

    So I tried, I really tried. But I think my dough was too moist, and I didn’t have any more cake to dry it out. In the end, the cake balls made a great trifle, though! Even though I wasn’t successful, I did include a link over here in my blog post. I’ll be trying again, so thanks for the tips!

  26. says

    just finished making these. I ran out of melting candies so I used chocolate chips and added a little vegetable oil to thin out the chocolate for dipping, and it worked out perfectly! It’s also great for nut allergies b/c the chocolate is safe.

  27. Savoy says

    I am making cake pops for a baby shower. the will b designed like baby rattles. My question is, how large can I make the balls of cake? The host wants them to be as big as cupcakes, but I am concerned the the cake ball will slide down the stick. I normally make my cake pops the size of golf balls, but can I go bigger?

  28. says

    I can’t wait to try these again. Mine always always crack and fall off the stick. It’s soo frustrating, but I hope these tips will fix that. :)

  29. Amanda says

    I’ve just tried making mine – 1 cake to 1 container of frosting……….even in the freezer mine would not set and fell off the sticks even before i could put them in the candy melts!!
    Is it possibly as there is too much frosting? How can I make them more hard so that they dont fall off…………..I’m in Australia – it may be an issue with our ingredients as they are different to ones used in USA………maybe too wet? I am quite disappointed………….but I will try again next weekend.
    I don’t take no for an answer – they will not beat me. Just reading the posts it seems to happen a bit – but I can’t pick a common reason……
    I had a big plan to make little chickies for easter for my cousin. I hope it is easier when i try next time.
    If anyone has any solutions – please let me know!!
    Thanks heaps

  30. says

    Hi Amanda, I think you are spot on with trying out less frosting/a dryer batter. I actually made mine pretty wet in this video, and they worked out. I just had to rest them for long periods of time in between steps. The lighter the cake ball dough, the easier! But as always, resting will do it some good. You can also lighten the load by thinning out your candy melts with shortening or paramount crystals. I didn’t use either for this video, just plain old chocolate melts, but I had to reheat them constantly!

  31. Karismasmama says

    I tried a cake pop from starbucks and they dont seem to have any frosting in them. So i bought a donut hole maker and i am goin to try to make cake balls with it i hope it turns out.

  32. says

    Oooooh, that sounds interesting. Yes, I had my suspicions that their cake pops just had flavored syrup in them. You could try dipping them in liquer, maybe!

  33. Andrea says

    Hello Cakebot, I love the video . It was my first time making cake pops it came out great , I just had one question after wrapping the cake pops do you store in the fringe before the event or leave out if the event is 9hours away? Thanks again so much.

  34. says

    I had a huge problem with my candy melts. I was working with the electric skillet method for keeping them warm (3/4 full of water, melts in coffee cups in skillet). I think I may have scorched the chocolate. It would look lovely and runny, I’d dip the eggs (looked more like poop on a stick, but who cares!) and then as I lifted them they began to clump and separate. Phooey. Should I have just stuck with micro heat? They taste yummy, but my are they ugly. :)

  35. Gr8landini says

    I wanted these to be easy. They just aren’t as easy as they seem. I used 1 Funfetti cake mix and 1 container of yellow frosting….the combination was sssssoooooooo sticky, it was very difficult to roll into balls and after being in the fridge overnight, they are very gooey and not ‘cake like’ at all, what am I doing wrong? Do I need to reduce the amount of frosting?

  36. Cake Queen Chriss says

    Hi Brandy and anyone else who has an alergy to milk or eggs or nuts or knows someone who does.
    I have a great recipe that you guys should try, it doesn’t contain any milk or eggs or nuts and it is delicious gaurenteed you will love it its a chocolate cake though I’m sure you could substitute in a different flavour other than vanilla (i would not recommend vanilla)
    if you arew interested in this recipe please e-mail me and I’ll send it to you. the reason for this is because I don’r really want it out on the internet for just anyone to take but I am willing to give it to you if you want it and will use it.

  37. Laura says

    Thank you for all those who advised about putting shortening in the melts… 7 year old and I made cake pops today for the first time (she LOVED it) and I had such a hard time with the thick consistency of the melts I had…..I have leftover batter but no more melts :-(

    But they did turn out pretty and delicious!!
    Chocolate and chocolate with white mint melts and sprinkles!!! YUMMM!!!!!!

  38. char says

    Loved the video-I was making mine too large and after watching I revamped my procedure. I also found that adding some shortening (Crisco) to the chocaolate helped to thin it. Also found many colors of chocolate at a local bulk food store.

    Thanks for the help-mine turned out beautiful!

  39. Jennifer says

    man i was so excited to try these out and I looked high and low for Almond bark that bakerella suggested. I couldn’t find it anywhere so I used white candy coating from Target. HUGH FAIL. It was so thick….like globby. Argh my poor cake balls died once i put them in the chocolate. When i tried pulling them out of the coating, they were doing this weird melty thing. I don’t know. But I was so disappointed. As a side note, I only used 1/4 small can of frosting for a whole box of cake and it still made the cake a little too soft. After I let them set over night, they still had this weird yellow liquid coming out. =( for some reason I haven’t been able to find candy melts in grocery stores. And it’s a little expensive to get them from Amazon. Any suggestions?

  40. Jessica says

    I am going to practice a batch tonight. I plan on making some colorful ones for my son’s third birthday this weekend. I also have my step daughter’s sweet 16 in Dec. I already have some great ideas for using cake pops. Pink and sparkly is a start! I want to turn them into side center pieces in pretty vases for her friends to enjoy.
    Wish me luck!

    Great video website by the way. I love it!

  41. Georlin says

    I have been making cake pops for a few years now. Here are a few tips that may help.

    1. I chill the “dough” for a few hours before rolling. It reduces the sticky problem.

    2. I freeze the balls overnight covered with parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

    3. When you have melted all the candy, turn off any heat source and continue stirring until the constistency is even off a regular teaspoon. If it starts to thicken then I turn the heat back on a few minutes.

    4. I insert the stick directly into the pops from the freezer and let them thaw for about 9 min before dipping. The coating cracks because the pops expand as they warm up.

  42. says

    Love the demo – going to practice a batch tonight. Just what
    I have been looking for to make for my grand-daughter’ birthday
    party. I picked up some useful tips in the other comments so
    hopefully I will get it right the first time. Wish me luck!

  43. says

    I just found my new thing for now. They were so easy to make just start with less frosting and a more till dough is good to be rolled and not sticky. I used 7 to 8 oz frosting home made and one 2 #s of cake. I cant wait to start mixing up the flavors.

  44. Angie says

    Thank you so much for the amazing video, the extra tips and the tips from your community, especially Georlin! With all of the tips, my cake pops turned out beautifully on my first try … I am so thrilled and amazed! Only 3 of the 36 I made cracked (still not sure why they did) but my kids will happily eat those! They did take a long time to make … I baked the cake last night, put it in the fridge overnight. I made the “dough” this morning (i used less than half a can of frosting) and then put that in the fridge (the use of the mixer was inspired and so fast). When I got home from work, I rolled the balls and put that in the freezer and after I put the kids to bed, I coated them with chocolate and that last part took about 2 hours. However, they are stunning and I can’t wait to bring them to work tomorrow! I had to leave them out on the counter and hope they’ll be okay. That’s the only thing that wasn’t clear – how do you store them overnight? I didn’t even put Saran Wrap on them because I was worried that they would weep. Thanks again!

  45. Cheryl Ogle says

    the luster dust you show is sold under a new name now I think. Mystical Non Toxic Luster Color.
    Same picture but the Avalon is no longer available while the Mystical is.
    Thank you for this video – I got everything (I hope!) to try my first batch! Can’t wait. Love cake pops!!!

  46. Courtney says

    I just finished my first attempt and my Wilton Candy melts didn’t melt as nicely as yours. Any tips on how to make it runnier? Mine had a frosting-like consistency. Thanks for the help!

  47. Chris says

    Geez, I wish I had watched the video and read the comments before I made my first batch. Mine fell off a lot, and my chocolate was also thick but these tips will help. Back to the drawing board.

  48. says

    I can’t thank you enough for this video! I made some last night for a trial, before my daughters birthday, and they didn’t turn out very well. Now I know why!

    Chrissy @ ForMamas

  49. kelly says

    Wow these were so much easier then I thought they would be, my 2 boys had great fun making them (2&4) and mummy enjoyed eating them ! Great video and tips

  50. Jen says

    Great video! Beautiful work!

    I’ve had the common problems as well… cake ball falling off of stick, cracking etc… I’ve come across a great article about chocolate and how to temper it correctly. Tonight, I need to make 70 cake pops and I’m actually going to use a thermometer to keep my chocolate at 88 to 90 degrees for proper tempering. White chocolate should be kept between 80 and 82 degrees. To begin with, it can reach 115 degrees for the initial melting stage, but then, it needs to be brought down to the said temps for your chocolate to redevelop its desired crystal structure. When chocolate is tempered correctly, after complete cooling, you will have shiny chocolate that will snap/crisp. It won’t be dull and soft. It’s my belief that if the chocolate is at the right temperature when dipping, all problems will be solved! ha! I will find out tonight!

    Chocolate cracks on the cake ball because… chocolate SHRINKS when it cools. If you’ve ever used candy molds, the chocolate shrinks a bit and that’s why it’s easy to pop them out of the molds, making sense? So, you will just have random cracks on some cake balls. Ok, so, if chocolate shrinks when it cools, what happens to the chocolate that you are using for “glue” on the popsicle stick? It shrinks as well, taking some of the cake with it, hence, the cake ball still falling off even with the stick being dipped in chocolate. It’s frustrating. But that’s what is actually happening. If we understand the nature of chocolate, we can understand the difficulties we are faced with when making cake pops.

    Ok, don’t use too much frosting. Don’t throw in the whole can. I start with 1/2 of the can because depending on the humidity and how moist or dry your cake is, you might need more or less frosting. When I make Red Velvet cake pops, I make homemade cream cheese frosting. I just can’t buy the canned version.

    If I still have your attention… some helpful tips for keeping chocolate at the right temp for dipping. turn on your oven light, it will generate a small amount of heat perfect for keeping chocolate melted without scorching it, place chocolate in a glass bowl and keep it in there. Or, use a heating pad covered with towels to keep a warm environment. Or, use an electric skillet, dry, no water… set at the lowest setting and cover the bottom of the skillet with a few kitchen towels. Place chocolate in a glass or corning ware type of container and place in skillet. It will melt slowly, but that’s what you want in order to have a good dipping chocolate!

    Chocolate is dry, very dry, even when melted. A small amount of water will ruin chocolate. What happens is the chocolate immediately soaks up the water and starts to clump and get thick. Condensation can even cause this to happen. If your chocolate clumps, all you can do is add more water to it or cream and make chocolate syrup with it. It will never be the same again. I’m thinking that frozen cake balls is not a good thing to dip in our very finicky chocolate because of the moisture inherit to freezing. Bakerella recommends 15 min in the freezer and then stick in the fridge. Whatever, you do, maybe blot them on a paper towel to remove any excess moisture that might make your chocolate seize up and be unusable.

    I should write an article! I hope this helps any future readers!

  51. LO says

    These look amazing. I would like to make red velvet cake pops and I will be using a cake pop pan in lieu of creating the usual cake mash-up because they are just too sweet for my family’s taste. I would really like to use the traditional cream cheese frosting for them instead of dipping them in chocolate but I need some way to keep them from being too sticky as that frosting doesn’t harden at all. Additionally, I’m really not sure how to decorate the pops because the consistency of the frosting isn’t such that it can be poured or dipped. Any suggestions you are able to provide would be awesome. Thanks so much for all of the incredible tips, etc. you provide.

  52. Jen says

    LO… I just made 100 Red Velvet cake pops Friday night with much success. I did some new things. First, I only used 1/3 cup of homemade cream cheese frosting. I worked it in by hand until it was the consistency of peanut butter cookie dough. It’s definitely not as sweet when you only use 1/3 cup of frosting.

    About hardening your cream cheese frosting, my homemade cream cheese frosting gets pretty firm in the fridge. Otherwise, maybe try adding some royal icing to it and see what happens. It would be cute to pipe your frosting on the balls in lieu of dipping in chocolate. Good luck!

  53. jordygirl says

    Hello CakebOt! The video was amazing! It helped me a lot.I just have a question about the “dough”. Do you just use the box cake mix or actually make the cake with the eggs, canola oil, etc? Please get back to me as soon as possible! I have a New Years party and I want to surprise my friends with cake pops. Thanks so much!
    :) :)

  54. Mimie says

    I’ve learn so much here.

    CakebOt! I too want a less sweet dipping. Which cream cheese icing or buttercream icing recipe would you recommend for beginner cake pop maker?

  55. Crystal says

    Me and my mom are wanting to make mydaughter cake pops for her first birthday. We are wanting to do vanilla instead of chocolate though, so any suggestions on what we can use instead of melted chocolate?

  56. MamaJo's Kettle Corn and More! says

    Use coloured wafers to get the colour chocolate you would like. I find tossing in a few vanilla wafers makes the chocolate a bit softer when melted, but for easier to use coating, add a dash of vegetable oil and stir, doing so until you have a thinner consistancy of chocolate which is easier to use and goes on the ball smoother. For Vanilla Cake Pops, you can either bake a plain cake, or you can use a boxed cake, but you should add a pkg of vanilla pudding (I use instant, and NO you do not mix it up…it goes in as powder). Substitute milk for the water called for but only use half what the recipe says, and add an extra egg. If you do these steps you will have a denser Cake Ball, which is great and tastier. I use butterscotch chips and a few vanilla chips melted together and mixed, when I want a flesh coloured chocolate for making faces. You can even make shapes like piggies, by attaching a small marshmallow for a snout. Adhere it to the front of the ball where you want the face by dipping it in a small amount of chocolate that you will be using for the face, you can buy candy eyes, and ears can be made from things such as candy corns used full or cut down to the size you want, attach them the same as you would the nose. Then after you get the stick in the pop, put them in the freezer for a few minutes, then take them out and dip them in the melted pink chocolate…..(oh yes, a lifesaver or a sour gummie ring are great to place at the base of the pop where the stick goes in, attach them with chocolate also. I promise you, your pops will be resilient, look fabulous, and taste great! Enjoy….

  57. BJ says

    I bought the Bakerella, which I LOVE!! I made the cakepops with the store bought frosting (betty crocker). My husband and I are so used to the frosting I make that we did not like the cake pops. My question is can I use my frosting recipe? Also if I can, my frosting is white of course, I do not have a chocolate recipe, can I still use this in the chocolate? Thank you so much. BJ:)

  58. CSP says

    I have been making cake pops for a long time with success. The pops will crack if they are too cold, never freeze or if you do put in freezer, only for a few minutes to chill. Also dip the sick straight down and up again in a small, deep bowl. Never ‘spin’ the stick in the melts. Use a plastic or ceramic bowl…not glass to melt the candy or chocolate. Tap your hand that is holding the stick and turn slowly to get rid of excess.

  59. cheyanne says

    hi cakeb0t i loved this video i did everything you said but only used a half of the frosting can and they came out AMAZINGLY GEORGEOUS and im only 13 so if i can do it anyone can!!

  60. Angelic Viola says

    hi. i would like to ask what do you call the “gold glitter paint” that you use to decorate for cake pops?is it edible? thanks.

  61. Anne-Marie says

    Wonderful video Cakebot! You make it seem so simple! I just shared it on my fb cake page :0) ( …Regards Anne-Marie

  62. says


  63. Myra says

    Hi there, do you know if these can be made ahead of time and frozen until they are needed? Thanks!

  64. Da'Jhana A. says

    I think this tutorial is awesome! it’s very helpful and self explanatory. I just hope it’ll be just as easy to make 300 cake pops as it was for you to make the few you did on the video! :-)

  65. Amethyst says

    Hi binky, people think it is weird for a little girl to cook but I don’t.why cause i am a little girl.i always loved to cook. Anyway I am trying to make these for my family.all by myself.i will tell u how it goes.

  66. Amethyst says

    I am doing the pops and I am only 11 years is super easy but melting the chocolate is a tiny bit tricky cause it won’t melt good.what should I do someone plz help me!

  67. amethyst says

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