Cake Decorating Supply Stores and What to Look For

Cake Supply Store
Cakeb0t just moved to sunny Florida! Whenever I make a move, I try to scout the area for a good Cake Supply Store.  A good idea when you’re looking for a store:   do an internet search and find two or three stores to visit that are nearby.
If you get lucky (which I did), you only really need one good store for all your supplies!

Cake Supply StoreCake Supply StoreCake Supply Store
I look  for 10 basic things I’ll need for my cakes:

  1. Fondant
  2. Gum paste (or Tylose to add to my Fondant to make gum paste)
  3. Gel Coloring
  4. Petal Dust & Luster Dust
  5. Lemon Extract
  6. Dowels
  7. Cake boards
  8. Piping Bags
  9. Parchment paper
  10. Cake boxes

This is just a list of the consumable items that I would need for cakes.  I also look around for tools and supplies that I want to add to my arsenal, or things that I may already have that might need to be replaced.  I look for piping tips, baking pans, cake rings, and spatulas.  I also look for new products, or fun extras like stencils, silicon molds, and shape cutters!

I was lucky enough to find a store with just about everything I need.  All the pictures shown here were taken at the Palm Beach Cake & Candy Supply in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl.


  1. Kim Patterson says

    OMG!!! You must live near me because this is where I go too!!!! Where are you? I live in Jupiter.

  2. says

    That’s nice! I have to travel an hour away to for an actual cake decorating store. BTW, my friend owns a cake shop/supply store in South Florida called Cakes, Etc. Her name is Merrie Lee and she is so nice.

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