Italian Flag Birthday Cake and an Update

Italian Flag Cake

Oh! I’m bakin’ here!

My hubby and I have been busy moving back to NYC since I last posted.  Also, we have been working hard on Cakeb0t’s new website.  Those of you who follow Cakeb0t on Twitter have heard me talking about a redesign for quite some time.  It is really almost ready.  Really!

As soon as we got back to NYC, I had to plan for a cake.  I made this cake for my [Italian] in-laws’ dual 50th birthday.  I was very literal with the cake, as you can tell.  And since Italians like it big, bold, and loud…  I had to add the big sparkle candles!

Italian Flag CakeThis cake was made from a half sheet cake cut into quarters. Dowels were used for support in the bottom two layers of cake, and then topped with a board.

The cake was coated in chocolate ganache and covered using panels of fondant which were measured and cut to fit. The front panel had priority when it came to hiding seams, and was placed on last.

Italian Flag CakeThe topper was made with sheets of cereal treats that were stacked to 3″ thickness. Printed and cut letters were used as a stencil to cut the sheets. The numbers were covered in modeling chocolate. After painting them, skewers were used to place them in the cake.

Italian Flag CakeThe numbers and front panel were painted with luster dust paint. Disco glitter was used to dust the numbers to catch the light when the candles were lit.

Just as with the “50”, printed letters were used as a guide to cut through a thick sheet of fondant. Playing with thickness and depth gave the cake interesting shadows. Gotta love the drama.

Italian Flag CakeThe sparkler candles were placed so that they looked fanned out. They were also arranged symmetrically with the highest candle in the middle. It so fun to light the sparklers and watch them fizzle out. I recommend two or three people lighting them at once; they go fast! Also, they leave some dust behind.

My original “50” covered in modeling chocolate was actually left at home by accident (umm, by me). I made this one quickly with store-bought cereal treats, and covered it in fondant. I didn’t like the result as much. The fondant weighed the treats so they didn’t hold their shape as well. The one covered in modeling chocolate was so smooth, but I don’t think anyone noticed the fondant, except me. And you, of course! ( Let’s just keep it between us cake decorators.)

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  1. Dulce De Leon says

    Congratulations! beautiful cake and it sure like lot of work. Thanks or sharing. Happy 4th of July.

  2. lorna says

    you are a lovely and beautifully spirited person i have known since i signed up with you.’

    the cake is sooo nice to inspire your in-laws and brighten their day.

    thanks for sharing your inventions and thoughts everytime.

    God loves you and i love you, always.

  3. Sher says

    I love how you did the 50! Good luck living in NYC!!! Thanks for sharing so much and making my baking days better.

  4. graceline says

    You’re such an inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing. By the way, I don’t know how to make a fondant, i hope you can share this.
    Prayers for you!

  5. Dulce says

    Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the new website. And best wishes that everything will be great back in NYC.

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