Cakeb0t 2011 Highlights

For New Year’s Day, my only advice is to stock up on sparkler candles!

Sparklers 1024x895 Cakeb0t 2011 Highlights

Sparklers are great for any celebration!

Thank YOU for a great year!

It’s been a great year for me, Anthony, and Cakeb0t!
Our thanks goes out to you, the readers, for joining us at the blog.
I enjoyed all of your emails, and your comments on the blog, YouTube, and Facebook.
Thanks for sharing what you know with ME! Your feedback is what keeps me going!

I’m inspired to make 2012 even better.  I’ll share everything I know about cake decorating with even more videos! I hope you’ve taken away a little something from this blog in 2011: a new technique or some inspiration.


Here are some Cakeb0t highlights for you to enjoy:

NathensCake 200x100 Cakeb0t 2011 HighlightsPinkandGoldCP 200x100 Cakeb0t 2011 HighlightsScreen shot 2011 12 29 at 12.26.19 PM 200x100 Cakeb0t 2011 HighlightsSuper Cute Lemon Cookies in Bowl 200x100 Cakeb0t 2011 HighlightsGift Bow Cupcake Wide Final 200x100 Cakeb0t 2011 HighlightsPatti Nov 110046gr 200x100 Cakeb0t 2011 Highlights


  1. Brittny says

    Dear Binky,
    i absoutely LOVE and appericate what you’re doing! I want to say thank you for your amazing videos and your creative ideas are truely encouraging to a young aspiring baker. I think its just great what youre doing and how everything is completely free, its nice to see there is still some kindness in this world :) Along with your participation with Frosting for the Cure. Just wanted to say thanks and keep it up ^__^
    its totally awesome! :)

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