Brides White Hot Wedding Cakes

I had a blast celebrating Bridal Fashion Week at the Brides White Hot Style Shop this past weekend feasting my eyes on these beautiful wedding cakes! I met with some of the decorators, who share some of their tips and techniques below.

Brides Magazine Wedding Cakes

  1. One Girl Cookies by Francina Stewart 
    The only buttercream cake in the bunch!  I love that the bright ribbon was actually piped onto the cake.
  2. Sweet Element by Jennifer Roberts
    This violet-hued cake was a show stopper! Glistening luster dusted gumpaste sequins sparkled with luster dust.
  3. Baked Ideas by Patti Paige
    Patti used royal icing and a tiny tip to pipe crazy detailed designs on each cookie.  She says she got the idea for the diamond shaped cookies from a pattern on one of her favorite vintage coin purses.
  4. Mali B Sweets by Miche Bacher and Nanao Anton
    A very feminine and detailed cake.  This rococo beauty was decorated from head to toe in flowers and feathers.
  5. Baked By Melissa provided a typographic display of mini cupcakes: pink cupcakes and ivory cupcakes topped with matching frosting.
  6. Lovely Cakes by Renata Papadopoulos
    I love this classic beauty!  Renata used a hydrangea cutter and veiner to create the flowers.  She says the flowers were made with fondant and tylose powder… an easy alternative to using gumpaste!
  7. Eat Cake Be Merry by Liz Shim
    Cakes by Liz are always so simple, clean, and beautiful.  I always use her cakes for inspiration when I’m trying to make clean lines.  Here’s a handy tip from Liz:  she cut her chevron decoration and let it rest to harden a bit to have some control when applying it to her cake.
  8. Bijoux Doux by Ellen Baumwoll
    I love luster dust, because I think metallic accents on a cake are gorgeous.  This entire cake has the Midas touch.  It’s a beautiful champagne gold, decorated with gold leaves.
  9. City Sweets Confections by Deborah Lauren
    Regal and royal, this cake was larger than life.  The barrel tier was pressed with a bold floral pattern and bordered with ivory leaves.
  10. BMQ Desserts|Cakes by Rodolfo Goncalves
    This cake took a lot of intensive cake architecture.   This giant fashionable statement flower defies gravity!  Rodolfo says he made the round mosaic-like embellishments by cutting out circles in fondant with a pastry tip.  He then painted each one individually.

For more close up pictures…

Check out Cakeb0t’s Photo Album on Facebook!

Cake Stands!

Each cake sat perched atop a beautiful, bright colored cake stand from Sarah’s Stands. (I love these!!)


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