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  1. That’s Nichelle of Cupcakes Take The Cake with Audrey.

  2. Yes the Cupcake Camp was an amazing experience. I met so many people and received many compliments on my asian inspired good luck cupcakes. Ada’s cupcakes were amazing! She’s definitely got talent. You take beautiful pictures by the way. Look forward to seeing you at the next Cupcake Camp!

    -Anny Cakes

  3. had so much fun!!
    for me absolutely thrill to make new friends…
    Anny’s good luck cupcakes absolutely my favorites too!!! hahaa
    very nice meeting Nichelle and Danielle.

  4. Hello, I like your webpage. Please email me or call me at ***-****, for the next event with Cupcake camp. I will bring some cupcakes and brownies.

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