Two Tier Wedding Anniversary Cake

AnniCake Vertical 181x300 Two Tier Wedding Anniversary CakeHappy Anniversary to my parents, who married 29 years ago! My parents hadn’t planned on a party, but then my mom changed her mind and they needed a cake last minute.  My husband and I are in the process of moving, so I scrambled and gathered what little supplies I had.  I came up with a simple two tier cake (made from three cakes), which is a great cake to make for any occasion if you’re short on time.

I found this nice sunflower yellow in my stash.  Normally, I would try and make gum paste roses, but I was short on time.  The roses were piped and made with royal icing, and I was really pleased at how they came out.  I did them two nights before the party, and they dried in a day! The branches are simply wire, tied together, and wrapped in white floral tape.

cakeb0t e1274467570443 Two Tier Wedding Anniversary CakeCakeb0t tip: Use ganache when possible for nice sharp edges, and a great silhouette!

happyanniversary Two Tier Wedding Anniversary CakeHappy Anniversary!

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  1. Awesome job! You make it look so easy! Simple but elegant cake!

  2. I have never thought of using ganache under fondant…I definitely will next time, you had some perfectly straight edges! I love royal icing roses too! Did you know that I can’t make a buttercream rose to save my life? I can make fondant and royal icing roses though. :)

    I agree simple, yet elegant. I love the different heights for the two tiers. I have always wanted to play around with that kind of thing. You did a great job!

  3. love elegant! And i do love the height of the bottom tier, ie a double barrel cake! :) I have yet to attempt one..and you make it look so easy..i’m afraid the fondant will tear when i cover tall cakes.

  4. This is beautiful! I never thought to use ganache for a crumb coat. Is there a reason you used the petal dust instead of coloring the fondant? Is there an advantage of using petal dust over airbrush? Just wondering. Thanks!

  5. Lovely, thanks for taking the time to teach us how to decorate a beautiful cake!

  6. you are sooooooo AWESOME, Cakeb0t! I love these tutorials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you rock!

  7. Waoooooo!!! Thank you for this tutorial!! this cake is so elegant!

  8. you make it look so simple ;) I love the creativity and admire everybody who works with fondant! maybe, one day, I’ll give it a try (preferably when I have a larger kitchen and working space!).

  9. I loved ur cake specially the roses.. can I use the gel colors & lemon juice instead of the dust to color the fondant ?!

  10. Nice cake and thanks for the tutorial. was there a cake board between the top and bottom tier?

  11. Wow! I am learning a lot from your tutorials!

    BTW, are you a Filipino? your parents look like Filipinos :)

  12. wow! I’m an avid fan :) Hi! from Cavite, Philippines!

  13. i always thought ganache was for pouring over cakes, i never thought it could be used under fondant. I’ll definitely try it next time i make a cake. love your anniv.cake!!

  14. very inspiring! i’ve been browsing in the internet for decorating tutorials and im glad i stumbled to this awesome website. i am new in decorating cake and cupcakes and i want to learn more though i still need to buy more decorating stuff.
    by the way i am a filipino too that s now living in SC who got married to a wonderful italian-american.

  15. hi! love the tutorial! im just wondering how did u cut the double stacked cake for serving?just curious :p

  16. That’s such a beautiful cake and love your blog site. Can’t wait to see other projects in the future. You’re very gifted. I’m just a beginner in cake decorations and I’m planning to make a similar cake for my upcoming anniversary in a couple of weeks. What type of brush did you use to paint the fondant? Is it a regular pastry brush? Also, I often hear that is better to put fondant on a cake with buttercream. I saw you used chocolate ganache. Did you put the fondant on the cake after you put the ganache? or do you let ganache to set (dry)? I’m planning to make the branches with melted chocolate. Lastly, do you have a brand to recommend for the brush and the color dust? Thanks in advanced for your time and help.

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