Stripe and Swirl Cake Pops Technique

I absolutely love decorating cake pops with this wet on wet decorating technique I call the stripe and swirl. Learning this skill is so rewarding, and so fun to do!

blue and white swirl cake pops w rainbow inside e1345924315601 Stripe and Swirl Cake Pops Technique

Look at how to make this cake pop in this excerpt of my new ebook…

How To Make Cake Pops by Cakeb0t!
Click on the photo for an excerpt from the book:

How To Make Cake Pops EXCERPT 147x1024 Stripe and Swirl Cake Pops Technique

Check out How To Make Cake Pops by Cakeb0t. This unique method is one of many techniques in the book. The rainbow cake pops? Those are in there too!

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6 responses to “Stripe and Swirl Cake Pops Technique”

  1. Thanks Binky, I always wondered how that was done. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Hi Binky!!! I really have a passion for cake decoratiing , I want to have a cake decoratiing job but I don’t know how to get it , if I take the class in ICE , can I have more chance to get a cake decoratiing job ?

  3. Wow Binky, you’ve been really busy, no wonder you’ve been MIA… I can’t wait for your ebook to come out, looking forward to learning all the techniques and have lots of fun!

  4. hi binky, can you teach us how to make rainbow cake pops pls.

  5. Thanks for sharing this magnificent cake pop tutorial! Congratulations on your e-book, can’t wait to read it and learn some new cake and baking decorating techniques.

  6. Binky,
    I have been a fan for a while now. Although I just signed up to keep up with your decorating techs cause I need all the help I can get…lol
    I Love doing new things and my customers also love it. I always give credit where its due so you, Sweetopia, Sugarbelle & Bakerella are my favorites to learn from. Actually, I have learned more here and by watching your videos. I made the Lemon faces cookies you showed a while back and got such raves from them..:)
    Thank You for being here to teach us!

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