Rolling Stones Cake – Let It Bleed

I actually made this cake over a month ago, but I didn’t have the video camera handy at the time since we were moving.  I finally decided to do a video slideshow!  Enjoy!

This cake was originally made by the brilliant album designer Robert Brownjohn with the cake parts by Delia Smith for the Rolling Stones album, Let It Bleed. I just love this album cover.  I had to make a completely edible version of the cake, scaled down from a 33rpm record to about the size of  a 45! More details below…

BleedCake016 1024x682 Rolling Stones Cake   Let It Bleed

Let It Bleed Cake materials and details

The plate, record, clock face, and the band were all made with gumpaste.  The gumpaste was painted with petal dust mixed with lemon extract.  The faces of the Stones, the label on the real, the label on the record, and the face of the clock were detailed with edible marker.  I can’t say how much edible markers make things so easy!

This cake was a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream.  The piped details, including the “dragées”, were all just royal icing.  The candy was secured with royal icing; they did not budge!

Cakeb0t tip! “Faux” dragées

cakeb0t 150x150 Rolling Stones Cake   Let It BleedRoyal icing details can be painted with metallic luster dust mixed with lemon extract.  It really makes a nice detail, and can mimic a silver dragée when you don’t have any!

14 responses to “Rolling Stones Cake – Let It Bleed”

  1. That cake is awesom!!!! I love it.

  2. Amazing cake once more!! Congrats! Your work is amazing!

  3. So cool!! The record looks so realistic!

  4. I feel somewhat famous in a strange gumpaste kind of way. Awesome cake and it was delicious as well.

  5. My boyfriend is a huge Rolling Stones fan! I would love to craft something like this for his birthday. What did you use as the rod? and how did you get it balance like that? Any other pointers you have would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  7. Dear Binky,

    My father, Robert Brownjohn, designed the sculpture and cover for Let It Bleed album. I think you have done an amazing job with your version. Could I get in touch with you by phone so I can discuss purchasing it!

    Eliza Brownjohn

  8. nicely done :) )))))))))

    could you send the complete work to finish this one

  9. Beautiful work and detail! I’ve had a request for a Let it Bleed cake and wondered how you constructed your stand, or have something available for purchase. Thanks!


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