Mini Cupcakes + Mini Bundts

Celebrate love with classic chocolate and flowers this Valentine’s Day!

These delightful mini cupcakes and mini bundt cakes are piped with buttercream, drizzled with ganache, and topped off with bright glazed raspberries.  Flower petals from roses and carnations are delicately scattered about the glass plates and pedestals to add romance.

The mini cupcakes are especially delectable with a chocolate cup in place of a wrapper, ready to eat in one bite.

Cakeb0t Tip:  Decorating in odd numbers (3 plates, 3 mini cupcakes, 5 petals, etc) is more pleasing to the eye than even amounts.

How to Make Chocolate Cups:
1. Set mini cupcake wrappers in a cupcake pan and coat with baking spray.
2. Melt chocolate or color candy melts and scoop into the bottom of the wrapper.  Scoop enough to coat the sides and the bottom.
3. Use a brush to paint the chocolate up the sides from the bottom of the wrapper.
4. Let chocolate set on a cold surface.  (You can cheat and use a fridge, but it might cause unwanted condensation!)
5. Very carefully separate chocolate from the wrapper using a toothpick.  (Hot hands will melt your chocolate.)

You can repeat steps 1-4 before removing the wrapper to make a thicker, stronger cup.  It makes it much easier to separate from the wrapper, and the cup will be stronger.  You may also use a silicon mold to make your chocolate cups, like the one here: chocolate cup candy mold.

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