Superhero Cake

About Nathen

Remember when I made this Superhero Cake for Nathen through Icing Smiles?
Nathen is still in the fight against cancer. He is such a strong, super boy! I encourage you to read more about Nathen here:
Consider donating a cake through Icing Smiles to help spread some happiness to a family near you.

Inspiration for this cake

Nathen was having a Superhero birthday party, which included three Superheros.
Since these heroes began as comic book characters, using comic for inspiration seemed a natural, artful fit. I went to the comic book store for inspiration.

The building

Superhero CakeThe building was carved so that it looked like a perspective drawing from a graphic novel – starting out wider at the top, and tapering at the bottom. The roof was carved at an angle to exaggerate the feel foreshortening. I outlined the building in black so that it looked hand-drawn.  Notice the comic textures of ink dots and lines.  These were all drawn with edible marker.


Like a comic book title, the color of Nathen’s name and the Happy Birthday subtitle had to pop, using color and thickness.  I used a muted blue-grey color to simulate the background drawings in a comic. The windows, drawn in perspective, were painted a light white wash.
All the painting was done with petal dust paint: lemon extract mixed with petal dust.

The 6 bat signal

This was a really fun element on the cake. We used LEDs behind a gumpaste drum to create a bat signal, which backlit Nathen’s big boy age – 6! To learn more about lights, stay tuned for another post from a special guest, all about lights!

Ask Cakeb0t!

Any questions on this cake? I’ll be sure to include everything you want to know on the upcoming Superhero Cake Insider Video!


  1. Erica Parker says

    The cake came out awesome! I wanted to know, what ganache recipe do you recommend and what type of white chocolate to use?

  2. Kim Patterson says

    That is amazing Binky!! Awesome work!!!! Wish you were here for Evan’s 6th birthday in December, I would see if you could do his cake. He is having a Star Wars birthday. I am doing Storm trooper cake pops and R2-D2. Hope you guys are doing well.

  3. Jen from Cup a Dee Cakes says

    This cake is amazing and I love the time lapse video. I have only done one Icing Smiles cake so far, but I always have such a god time working on them.

  4. says

    Hooray, you’ve baked a difference Jen! That was my first Icing Smiles cake as well. I can’t say enough good things abotu Icing Smiles! Thanks for the sweet comment! <3

  5. says

    Kim! I would’ve loved too. I miss Florida so much in this snow!! You should visit Icing Smiles, too, I wonder if they need cake pops!

  6. says

    Hi Erica! I should be posting up the recipe on the site very soon. I’ll also send the recipe in a Cakeb0t Insider email. Any white chocolate you like will do! I think white chocolate chips are the easist, and they are tasty!

  7. lorna says

    i always like reading beautiful comments from your wonderful followers. all i can say is the cake is really amazzzing!! how i wish i can be as creative as you and if i were there in the US of A, maybe i can give my share of making cakes for the children. wouldn’t it be nice? as of now i am only an expert in simple cupcakes. (laugh,laugh,laugh) anyway, best regards to you and your beloved. i would like to try your cakepops for christmas for the kids. thanks for that.

  8. Sarah says

    I LOVE this cake! My son is having a superhero party for his birthday next month. I am a new member and was wondering how to access the “cakeb0t insider” video for this super cool cake! Thanks!!

  9. Janice Shank says

    Hi Binky! I absolutely LOVE this cake. My daughter’s having a super hero bday party in a few weeks and I wanted to do something similar to your cake. How many layers did you do? What kind of support system did you use? Is it something that you get from a hardware store of from a cake store? What kind of fondant did you use? I’ve been using MMF, but am not sure if it’d work. Thanks for your help. You did an AMAZING job!

    Janice Shank

  10. says

    I have found your links in cake forum. The reason i am commenting here because i have found it very helpful. I appreciate your post and I will suggest to share more such kind of post.

  11. ferrena says

    Hello, This is a wonderful cake. May I know if the cake you use was a sponge cake or a butter pound cake ?

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