Pinprick Method – Lovely Cakes Guest Tutorial

The pinprick method is one of many design transfer techniques used to transfer images from paper onto your cake. After a design is transferred onto fondant with pinholes, you can tahe perforations in the fondant act as a guide for piping or painting. This method may also be used on hardened buttercream.

In this video, Renata Papadopoulos demonstrates how she has adapted the pinprick method to transfer designs without poking any tiny holes in the fondant!


  1. Desired line image drawn or printed on computer paper
  2. Foam panel
  3. Fondant panel
  4. Straight pin or sharp skewer
  5. Airbrush*
  6. Edible marker 
  7. Paintbrush
  8. Assorted food coloring for paint – You may use a small amount of petal dust mixed with drops lemon extract.
*Tip: If you don’t have an airbrush, you can try using a light colored edible spray.

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