Cupcake Camp NYC

Cupcake Camp NYCI was late to Cupcake Camp NYC because (DUH) I forgot to print out my tickets! >_< After a not so quick printing session at Staples, I got to “Happy Ending” (I know, right?) about a half hour late (7:30) to find a line that went around the block!  I was SO disappointed, because there were no cupcakes by the time I got inside!  BUT, it was free, and I was late.  I can’t really complain, but I think the people on line would’ve appreciated an announcement that the cupcakes were gone. (From what I heard, all those delicious cupcakes were gone by around 8:30!) T_T I saw people leaving with BOXES of cupcakes. No fair! and… can I have one? Haha.

But enough of my sob story!

I still walked around inside to snap some pictures, and it looked like everyone was having a good time, and everyone I talked to was SUPER friendly. People that bake, in my experience, are always so super nice! Guess it’s the innate hospitality!

Cupcake Camp NYC

Nichelle of Cupcakes Take the Cake and Audrey of Everything Cupcakes!

A happy ending to this story is that Everything Cupcakes’ Audrey Criss  won BEST IN SHOW! GOOOOO NJ! She baked about 60 regular size cupcakes and 120 minis of Red Velvet, Sweety Pie (Sweet Potato), and Tiramisu. She said all of her cupcakes were gone in about 15 minutes; devoured before she had time to arrange them to her liking on her table! Her winning cupcake was her Sweety Pie Cupcake with Whipped Cream Cheese frosting. Mouthwatering, huh? Also in Best in Design was awarded to Anny from Anny Cakes with her Asian designed green tea cupcakes!

Please check the gallery below for more pictures!

Thanks to producer Mary Ann Porch and the volunteers who organized Cupcake Camp! For more information on Cupcake Camp, and how Cupcake Camp 2010 went down, click here:

Don’t forget! You can help next year and VOLUNTEER, or of course, bring your cupcakes and feeeeed me. I mean everyone. ^_^

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  1. says

    Yes the Cupcake Camp was an amazing experience. I met so many people and received many compliments on my asian inspired good luck cupcakes. Ada’s cupcakes were amazing! She’s definitely got talent. You take beautiful pictures by the way. Look forward to seeing you at the next Cupcake Camp!

    -Anny Cakes

  2. ada nieves says

    had so much fun!!
    for me absolutely thrill to make new friends…
    Anny’s good luck cupcakes absolutely my favorites too!!! hahaa
    very nice meeting Nichelle and Danielle.

  3. Vanessa Adames says

    Hello, I like your webpage. Please email me or call me at ***-****, for the next event with Cupcake camp. I will bring some cupcakes and brownies.

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